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Pension Šport is situated in the centre of Starý Smokovec, in proximity of the Tatra Electric Railway station, bus station (about 5 min. walk) and about 5 minutes walk from the Hrebienok funicular railway station. All required services are provided (the Tatra Mountain Rescue Team Centre, information centre, the Association of mountain guides, shops, supermarket, bank, post, pharmacy, health center, ski/bike rent, hotels, cafes, and restaurant) in the very close distance of the Pension as well.

Starý Smokovec (990 ASL)mapa
The oldest Tatra village (fouded in 1793) under the Slavkovský peak is the most frequent tourist starting point for hiking in the central part of the High Tatras Mountain.
Since 1797, and thanks to the mineral water spring, had Starý Smokovec became one of the most favorite destinations, importance of which has seriously increased since the second half of the 19. century. Development of the first bigger hotels and restaurants, as well as hydrotherapy facility units lead to even more attendance by visitors and tourists from the different social classes. Next growth of the village was encouraged by the construction of the Košice-Bohumín Railway (in 1871) and by endeavor to successfully compete with another new founded villages, which begun to grow. (Tatranská Lomnica, Štrbské Pleso)
Since 1904, has the Grandhotel building, a project of the Budapest architect Guid Hoepfner, become an important part of Starý Smokovec.
Starý Smokovec is an administrative center of the Town of High Tatras, which with its spread of over 380 km2 ranks among the biggest towns of Slovakia. The town of High Tatras covers a substantial part of the massif of the same name and is comprised of 15 small villages, former single settlements, which had been integrated into one territorial unit.
Starý Smokovec is an important traffic junction of the Tatra Electric Railway and of Hrebienok funicular railway. There is also a headquarters of the Tatra Mountain Rescue Team, the Association of mountain guides, information center, health center and besides hotels, restaurants and cafes, a network of shops, complementary and sport services, ski/bike rent, banks is concentrated in Starý Smokovec.